How to Make Your Friendsgiving One to Remember

Thanksgiving Party

What is Friendsgiving, you may ask? It’s Thanksgiving without the airport crush, the ne’er-do-well uncle, and the heated political debate. It’s as relaxed and low-key as you want it to be, because you set the tone and you decide what parts of the tradition you want to keep and who you’ll share them with.

And since you’re in control, there’s no excuse for putting on a lame event. So, without further ado, let’s go through a few quick tips to help make your Friendsgiving a success.

Less is more.
Go easy on the candles, flowers, crystal, and white linens. Let the turkey be the center of attention. Just make sure to pick up your laundry off the floor and run the sweeper first. But if you’re feeling crafty, you can always spice things up with some faux fall leaves and place cards.

Decorating the table

Bring it on!
Assuming you don’t want to be stuck with the shopping, cooking and cleaning, a casual pot luck may be the way to go. Ask your guests to volunteer to bring a side dish or dessert matching their ability to cook, and circulate the results via e-mail so everybody’s up to speed on who’s bringing what.

Making dinner

Pass along some helpful tips of your own.
If your guests are scratching their heads and don’t know what to bring, SHOP ❛n SAVE has some great product lines like Wild Harvest and Essential Everyday, and some cool tips and tricks, too to help everyone who’s bringing a food item.

A friendly soundtrack.
Have somebody put together a Spotify playlist of suitable tunes. Don’t bother looking for Thanksgiving songs; instead, just choose something that fits the fun mood. Just turn it down when the football games come on.

Keep it simple and stick with the classics.
Friends who can’t cook can bring wine—maybe a dry, aromatic white, a light-bodied red, a fruity red, or a dry hard cider as an alternative. Whoever brings dessert should stick to traditional favorites. You can’t go wrong with pumpkin or apple pie.

Pumpkin Pie

Add some activity.
If the weather’s decent and there’s room outside, pick sides for a little game of touch football or corn hole. Otherwise, a ping-pong or darts tournament would work, or you might consider a favorite board game.

Fun after dinner

Document the day.
If you didn’t take any photos to share on your social media channels, did the Friendsgiving feast even happen?! Try thinking up a unique hashtag for your Friendsgiving feast. When your guests post a photo to their social media accounts, have them tag it with your hashtag so you can easily find their photos. If your friends are iPhone users, you can create a shared iCloud album so that everyone can save the photos to their camera roll and cherish them forever. Pretty clever, huh?

iCloud Album

That’s about it. Good food, good friends, a little preparation and planning, and a little help from SHOP ❛n SAVE, and your Friendsgiving might just go over so well that your friends will want you to do it again next year.

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