Picnic Tips 'n Treats

Picnics are a great way to relish the fresh summer air. They can be an adventure if you’re a kid, romantic if you’re a couple, or just a whole lot of fun. Here are nine tips to make your summer picnic one to remember.

  1. Avoid messy food! There typically aren’t any cleanup sinks in nature. Keep it simple.
  2. Pack a salad. Salads might seem messy, but when they’re in a mason jar, they’re perfectly portable. Find our recipe here. Skip the mayo dressing – it won’t keep in the sun. Opt for simple oil and vinegar instead.
  3. Oui oui. Bring Paris to your picnic and grab a fresh baked baguette from your local SHOP ‘n SAVE bakery. Just add butter, honey, cheese or all three!
  4. Dip it up. Try hummus, guacamole or our 7 layer dip with tortilla chips or celery sticks. Any dip is perfect for in-between Frisbee throws.
  5. Stay dry. Line your blanket with a shower curtain to keep it from getting damp.
  6. Backyard bonanza. Don’t feel like trekking to a park or a campground? It's just as fun (and much easier) to have a picnic in your own backyard. Wait for a sunny day, then grab a picnic blanket and the whole family.
  7. Pack smart. We show you exactly how to pack your cooler so that everything stays at the just right temperature.
  8. Nature’s popsicle. Grapes are amazing ice cold. Just pop them in the freezer the night before you head out and enjoy them throughout your picnic.
  9. A taste at twilight. Pack a picnic dinner and enjoy the sunset. After dessert, enjoy some romantic stargazing or flashlight games with the kids.

To make your picnic even easier, check out SHOP ‘n SAVE’s selection of deli prepared foods, fresh baked desserts and pre-cut fruits and veggies.