Gobble this up.

At SHOP ‘n SAVE, we want you to have the best Thanksgiving yet!  Starting October 4th through November 14th, purchases* you make with your Perks Card at SHOP ‘n SAVE will go towards earning your family a FREE Honeysuckle turkey. 

It’s easy! Spend $399 with your Perks Card and earn a FREE Honeysuckle Grade A Frozen Hen turkey (10-14 lbs.). Keep earning to reach $499 spending level and earn a FREE Honeysuckle Grade A Frozen Tom turkey (up to 22 lbs.). 

At SHOP 'n SAVE, we have a cornucopia of items that will help you prepare for Thanksgiving, making it easier than ever to earn a FREE turkey! From our Wild Harvest to Essential Everyday products, we have quality ingredients for your famous cranberry sauce, creamy mashed potatoes and all the fixins'. So, hurry in and stock up on everything you need to make this Thanksgiving, Just Right

You can track your progress using the Turkey Tracker in your Perks account on the SHOP ‘n SAVE website. 

*Qualifying purchases are before taxes and after coupons and do not include milk, tobacco, prescription drugs, gift cards and any other items prohibited by law.