What is S.E.E.D?

For almost 30 years, SHOP 'n SAVE has proudly hosted the S.E.E.D. (Students Extra Educational Development) program. We've been able to deliver thousands of fun educational programs from The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium and Carnegie Science Center to kindergarten through grade eight students in hundreds of public and private schools systems throughout Western Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia.

How can I get involved?

Now instead of collecting receipts, you can link your Perks Card with the school of your choice to help to bring an assembly to students. After you link your Perks Card to your local school, just swipe your Perks Card any time you shop at SHOP 'n SAVE. Your purchases will be automatically added to your school's total (a total of $250 spent is required for each student attending the assembly).

SHOP 'n SAVE Express stores may require register receipts for FREE assemblies. See store for details.

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Introduction for Educators

As school budget cutbacks affect your ability to offer valuable outreach education programs, the independent owners and operators of SHOP 'n SAVE want to remind you to start planning for this year's Students Extra Educational Development (S.E.E.D.) program — a free in-school assembly program sponsored by SHOP 'n SAVE in partnership with Carnegie Science Center and Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium.

Each year more than 125,000 area school students in some 500 elementary schools and middle schools are treated to fun, hands-on learning experiences that range from science and the environment to space exploration and animal life. All you're required to do is register your Perks Card online and choose your school. From there purchases will be automatically tracked and applied to your total ($250 for each student expected to participate) throughout the year.

Once you have your Perks Card registered with the S.E.E.D. program you can login here to track what you've earned toward a S.E.E.D. assembly.




Carnegie Science Center

Wild By Design: Innovations from A to Zoo (Grades K-6)

Explore how the physics of whale flippers are improving wind turbine designs, and test a "gravity-defying" slow motion slinky to study how innovative robot arms are inspired by an elephant's trunk.

Journey Through the Human Body (Grades K-8)

Journey through the bloodstream to learn about human body systems through the "eyes" of a miniature robotic probe. . Explore the heart, lungs, stomach, kidneys, skeletal muscles, eyes, and brain. Learn how positive food and fitness choices help to build a better body from the inside out!

Science Takes Flight (Grades K-8)

From Blueprints to Blue Skies: Learn how innovative aircraft fly off the drawing board and into the sky.

Big Sound, Little Sound (Preschool)

Does an animal make a high sound or a low sound? How can we make our guitar sound louder? Explore the sounds all around you, and make some noise yourself.

Up in the Air (Preschool)

How do we know air is there? Be blown away by our amazing air and wind devices.

It’s Electric (Grades K-6)

Learn about the revolutionary science of “Grounding Father” Ben Franklin, get charged up for a hair-raising experience with our Van de Graaff generator, then come on stage for a “shocking” finale!

Grand Slam Science (Grades K-8)

Batter up! Discover the science behind America’s favorite pastime as you find a bat’s “sweet spot,” measure reaction time, predict a ball’s trajectory, then slide into home for a firework finish that’s sure to be a blast!

Who Wants to be an Engineer (Grades K-8)

Engineers are hard at work making life better. Now it’s your turn to be the engineer in this high-energy game show experience. Ramp up for “Double Dare”–inspired physical engineering challenges. Tinker with simple machines to build soaring towers and suspension bridges

Chem-Mystery Files (Grades K-8)

Join Detective Sam Silica on the hunt for clues in a burning mystery, and see how evidence “reacts” to scientific tests. Live demonstrations highlight phases of matter, physical and chemical change, properties of elements, and combustion. Help Silica analyze the results to successfully close another case in the Chem-Mystery files.

SolarQuest (Grades K-8)

Embark on a quest to learn about the Sun. See yourself in infrared, explore photosynthesis with balloon-popping lasers, and watch as exploding hydrogen and fire tornadoes take you to the surface of the Sun!

For program descriptions, visit the Carnegie Science Center.



Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium

Zoos for Twos (Age 2)

Toddlers will be treated to a story and a song and will have an up-close experience with some friendly animals.

Zoo Moves (Ages 3-5)

Children will journey through a rainbow of colors in the animal kingdom as they discover the many patterns and shades of the natural world.

Super Senses (Ages 3-5)

Preschoolers will discover how different animals use their special senses to help them survive, while comparing their own senses to those of some animal visitors.

Rainforest Rhythms (Grades k-8)

Travel through the layers of the tropical rainforest, while learning more about the incredible animals found in each layer and their unique adaptations that aid survival.

Biodiversity's Bounty (Grade 7-1 2)

While exploring the interconnections of life on Earth, we will focus both on the vital role of biodiversity in maintaining healthy ecosystems, and on the importance of conservation in prevent further biodiversity loss.

For program descriptions, visit the links below.

Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium
Preschool Programs
Group Assembly Programs



Can't find your school?

A representative from your school or parent-teacher group can officially register your school online and obtain a unique I.D. Number. This number will easily allow you to link your PERKs card to the S.E.E.D. Program and start supporting your local school.

School representatives can contact Jessica.D.Baker@supervalu.com - 724-925-5725 to add your local school to the S.E.E.D. Program and receive an I.D. Number.

Once your school has been registered, check back to track how much your school has earned toward assemblies.