Kick Off Tailgate Season with these Tips from SHOP ’n SAVE

Football season is here! And if you're lucky enough, you get the chance to tailgate outside your favorite team's stadium. Here is a guide to hosting the best pregame celebration that includes a game plan categorized into 4 groups: dips, grill, stew and sweets.

Here's the game plan:

The Dip Group

Tailgates are very graze-friendly, which makes dips and chips the ideal pre-game snack. Try a simple taco dip or artichoke dip and pair with plenty of crackers and chips.

The Grill Group

Grill cooking can be the simplest and most nostalgic way to celebrate the kick off to your favorite team's game. Hamburgers and hotdogs are thought of as carefree but you can always take it a step further with a toppings bar. The perfect toppings bar includes bacon, chili, precut mango or pineapple. Lay the toppings out on a table and decorate with your team's colors!

The Stew Group

If you're a die-hard fan and you're tailgating in the cold winter months, opt for a hot stew that packs a punch. The best defense against frostbite can be long johns and a hot steamy stew. This beef stew or chili is sure to warm your belly before the game!

The Sweet Group

No tailgate is complete without a dessert. To keep it simple, SHOP ’n SAVE's bakery department has Steelers-themed cookies, with a thick spread of icing. If you're more about the homemade treats, try these popular whoopie cookies or no bake mud cookies (made with oreo cookies, YES!).

SHOP ’n SAVE makes it easy to enjoy all 4 groups with pre-made sandwich platters, deli salads, cheese platter and fried chicken party packs. Cooking with ease on football day is a must!

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